Lawn Care

Providing custom, environmentally-friendly lawn
care programs

We provide our customers with a lawn that can enjoy and be proud of, without the hassles involved with trying to do it themselves. We can also say this because we do things differently than all our competition. We strive for a long-term partnership with our customers and want them to see us a resource of technical and practical knowledge that they can call upon anytime of the year. lawn care

What makes us different, unique, better:

  • We offer a proprietary fertilizer that last 6-8 weeks. Our fertilizer lasts 20 % to 50% longer our competitors’
  • We answer our phones and are available by fax or e-mail
  • We respond immediately (48 hours guaranteed) to answer questions or concerns
  • Will reapply fertilizer and weed control as needed at no additional charge
  • We provide information of what was done and what to except, with each application
  • When unusual conditions appear on the lawn we will explain, describe what we can do, and what you can do too
  • We have a web page with up to date agronomic information
  • We give problem areas extra attention
  • We blow off all hard surfaces like sidewalks and driveways to protect our waterways 
  • Upon request we will knock before each application to discuss current conditions

Need Lawn Care Services?

Our sister company, Weed Man, can help!

Why We’re Different

  • We focus on prevention and do not work in your home unless absolutely necessary
  • We're experienced with landscaping and lawn care where pest originate. Creating conditions that make it difficult for pest to grow and thrive is the most important part of effective pest control.
  • We work quickly and easily with little hassle to you

Our Specials

  • Refer a friend and earn $25 credit or gift card for both of you.
  • Pre-pay and earn a 7% discount
  • First application free with any mosquito, lawn care, pest control, and or tree & shrub program
  • 10% o​ff any insect treatment such as ant, flea, tick treatments.

Do you need help with pest control?

Contact us – we are ready to help you with your pest problem! Give Us A CallOur Services