About Metro Pest Man

Atlanta’s Premier Pest Control Company

Our firm began with a simple but very powerful idea. We control pests outdoors, before they get inside which eliminates the necessity and inconvenience of coming inside your home.

Metro Pest Man is the premier professional pest control company in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas. Our experience, customer service, and expertise is what constantly and consistently sets us above the competition. Unlike our competitors, we empower our employees to confidently and competently deal with your pest problems. We do this by hiring the best, most skilled exterminators who are familiar with landscaping, lawn care, and pest control. By employing a talented group, our pest control company ensures that our employees are skilled enough to handle any and all situations.


As leaders in the industry, the staff at our pest control company understand lawn care and landscapes better than our competitors, which is where pests originate. We know what it takes to keep them out of the areas where they are most likely to get inside. This gives you a better experience by keeping control products away from your interior living space. Our approach eliminates the hassles of calling you ahead, scheduling a visit, or requiring you to be home to let someone inside. Unless there is a specific problem that requires an inside visit, all of our applications are done on the exterior of your home. We also hire the best technicians with lawn application backgrounds who know what they are doing. By understanding pests at their source, we give you peace of mind that you won’t see them inside of your home to begin with.

Atlanta is a beautiful city with great weather, people and economy. However, this amazing city is also ideal for pests. When you need the best professional exterminators, call Metro Pest Man at (770) 998-7868 to take your home back from pests today!

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Why We’re Different

  • We focus on prevention and do not work in your home unless absolutely necessary
  • We're experienced with landscaping and lawn care where pest originate. Creating conditions that make it difficult for pest to grow and thrive is the most important part of effective pest control.
  • We work quickly and easily with little hassle to you

Our Specials

  • Refer a friend and earn $25 credit or gift card for both of you.
  • Pre-pay and earn a 7% discount
  • First application free with any mosquito, lawn care, pest control, and or tree & shrub program
  • 10% o​ff any insect treatment such as ant, flea, tick treatments.

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