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We have the experience, expertise, and skill to help you solve your pest problem quickly and easily with little hassle to you.

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Atlanta’s Premier Pest Control Company

Metro Pest Man is Atlanta’s premier pest control company. We will defend your home against a variety of pests such as ticks, fleas, fire ants, mosquitoes, and more. We are certified and have experience in taking care of pests before they set foot in your home.

The following qualities separate us from the competition:

  • We focus on prevention and do not work in your home unless absolutely necessary
  • We’re experienced with landscaping and lawn care and the pests involved in both
  • We control pests on the outside so we don’t have to work inside
  • We work quickly and easily with little hassle to you

Atlanta is a beautiful city with great weather, people and economy. However, this amazing city is also ideal for pests. When you need the best professional exterminators, call Metro Pest Man at (770) 998-7868 to take your home back from pests today!

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